Lighting with LIGHTSHEET:
The engine and the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon,
by the way, are not lit with neon. I found some stuff called LIGHTSHEET.
Lightsheet is basically a paper thin piece of plastic that glows when you hook it up to a battery ( just like the display of an "indiglo" watch.)
I bought three pieces of Lightsheet for the Falcon: a blue 1" by 18" piece for the engine and two smaller white pieces for the cockpit.
I trimmed one of the pieces for the cockpit to fit the round back wall and around the door.
(you can cut Lightsheet basically like paper.
The other piece I rolled to fit onto the cockpit walls/ceiling.
Oh, in case you're wondering why this stuff is pink, Lightsheet that glows WHITE, looks PINK when it's turned off, while BLUE Lightsheet looks GRAY.

I had some transparencies (that I created in Photoshop) printed on mylar to go over the Lightsheet in the cockpit. The effect was dozens of tiny little lights, and of course the "neon tube lining", just like in the life-sized Falcon.

Since Lightsheet does not generate heat, the cooling fans in the Falcon now only have one purpose: they sound cool!
There's a small AC-DC converter in the Falcon to generate the current for the Lightsheet which makes this hi-pitched sound. Together with the fans spinning, it sound like a small jet engine!

For further information on Lightsheet, write to:

Lightsheet Systems
319 Main Dunstable Road
Nashua, NH 03062

Phone: 603-595-7146

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